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Acessories & Upgrades

4X4 Accessories

Stockists for;​
  • Ironman Suspension
  • Ironman  LED lightbars
  • Ironman Fridges
and much more!

Our Expertise & Knowledge

Trust, Experience & Knowledge... You can rely on Your Local Repco Authorised Service Centre.

As a Repco Authorised Service centre, we use quality parts and lubricants and employ state of the art diagnostic equipment and repair methods. What’s more, our fully qualified technicians have access to the latest service information, bulletins and training through the Australia wide Repco Auto-tech program.


We provide a full range of automotive services, all backed by our Repco nationwide warranty and fully supported at over 350 Service Centres right across Australia.


So rest assured... your car is in safe hands...

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Air Conditioner Smells

Air Conditioning Services

Car Air Conditioning Service

Taylor's Mechanical Service Offers Air Conditioning Services & Repairs for all makes & Models of Cars or Trucks. 

Keep your cool this summer with a properly maintained car air conditioning system.


A properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable all year round.

A regular car service checks for obvious faults in the air conditioning system, such as drive belt tension or visible refrigerant leaks, but it is still best to get a regular comprehensive air conditioning service.

If your car air conditioner isn’t running efficiently, needs a re gas, or you haven’t had it serviced for a long time, now is your moment.

Cool Tip! Air conditioning systems have hoses that can dry out and crack when not being used. This leads to refrigerant leak and poor performance. To prevent this happening, run your AC a few times during winter to help keep the system lubricated.Car air conditioners not only keep you cool during summer, they can also remove humidity from the cabin which can be handy in the winter to counteract a foggy windscreen.

View our Air conditioning AutoFacts video to learn more.

Our Expertise & Knowledge
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EGR Cleaning

Have you noticed a progressive loss in performance with your diesel engine?

Take the ‘strangle hold’ off your diesel engine with a Terra Clean Diesel Intake and EGR carbon removal service. This is a preventative maintenance service that can help prevent future costly damage!


Diesel engines rely on drawing in large quantities of air to operate efficiently, over time carbon deposits builds up on the inner walls of the induction system due to emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and the use of low viscocity engine oils.

Over time your engine will progressively become contaminated with carbon, restricting air flow into the engine & negatively affecting the performance of your Diesel engine.


  • Removes Carbon Deposits from EGR and Induction Systems

  • Reduces DPF Regeneration Cycles

  • Lowers Emissions and Smooths rough idle

  • Improves Performance and Fuel Economy

Differential Bushing
Shock Absorbers


  • Direct Bill Insurance Windscreen Replacements 

  • Private Windscreen Replacements

  • Fleet Windscreen Replacements

  • Machinery Windscreen Replacements 

  • Chip Repairs 

  • Window Replacements 

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Safe Winter Driving
Modification Plates Certification


Complex modifications such as engine upgrades, gearbox and rear axle changes, vehicle body modifications and steering and brake replacements are significant modifications to a vehicle that can seriously affect the safety of a vehicle if not performed properly. Complex modifications to vehicles must be certified by approved persons, ensuring the modifications have been performed in accordance with the approved codes of practice.


Taylors Mechanical Services are an approved persons under  Queensland Department of Main Roads & Transport Approved Persons Scheme.  As a qualified & experienced service centre, Taylors Mechanical Services are accredited to conduct inspection & certification of light and/or heavy vehicle modifications to ensure the vehicle complies with vehicle standardsguidelines and relevant approved codes of practice.


Call Us today & book in to have your latest modifications inspected for modification plate certification.


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Your tyres are all there is between you and the open road. We will look after them, so they will look after you.


High quality, good condition tyres are an important safety mechanism. They are the first point in the braking system of your car and have the important role of keeping your car gripped to the road. Equally as important is aligned and balanced wheels to make your car a pleasure to drive.

If you are experiencing vibration or poor handling while driving, have problems keeping tyres inflated, have low tyre tread or can see obvious damage to your tyres, it is time to get them checked.

Regular servicing will keep tabs on your tyre condition and is also a good opportunity to have wheel alignments and wheel balances performed. They are relatively low cost and can greatly improve your driving experience. 

New tyres, a wheel alignment and wheel balance go hand in hand to ensure good handling. Repco Authorised Service are experienced at maintaining tyres and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tyres for your car.

Clean Cabin Air Filters

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